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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Defense

If you are struggling with mortgage debt, it is important to explore all of the options available to you. Lou Brydges and Associates provides a wide range of resources for our clients in Illinois concerning debt relief, including foreclosure defense and bankruptcy. We can provide you with sound legal guidance that can help you keep your home and solve your debt problems.

Foreclosure Defense vs. Bankruptcy

We cannot tell you whether or not foreclosure defense or bankruptcy is better for you until we gain a full understanding of your situation. However, here is a general overview of some of the advantages offered by both options:

Foreclosure Defense

  • Can spare you from the adverse effects bankruptcy will have on your credit rating.
  • Can spare you from unscrupulous mortgage lenders and servicers and hold them accountable for their actions.
  • An experienced attorney can help you negotiate more favorable terms with your mortgage lender


  • Wipes out debt (Chapter 7) or restructures it into a manageable payment plan (Chapter 13).
  • Protects you from creditor actions like harassment and wage garnishment.
  • Can help you avoid the tax consequences associated with some foreclosure defense options.

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