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The Consumer Advocate Hour

The Consumer Advocate Hour offers educational information for consumers about the legal rights afforded to them as U.S. citizens. Subscribe to our channel for videos about Understanding the foreclosure process, Loss mitigation terms and conditions definitions, How to apply for a loan modification or other loss mitigation options, Strategies one might use to avoid filing bankruptcy, Where to file a complaint against your loan servicer, Selling your house via short sale, What debts are covered under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, How to stop a debt collector from calling, and other common debt collectors frequently asked questions, What is considered legally unfair or deceptive for consumers, How to identify a fraudulent debt collector and file a complaint, What are consumer reporting agencies, and what they do, Where you can find your free consumer credit report, Useful tips on how to fix your credit, How and why you should report dispute inaccuracies found on your credit report, And more! Know your consumer rights. Tune in to The Consumer Advocate Hour!