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Lou Brydges and Associates
Foreclosure Defense | Personal Injury | Landlord/Tenant | Real Estate Transactions

Protecting The Rights of People and Their Property


The attorneys and staff of Lou Brydges and Associates have extensive experience handling foreclosure defense, eviction, personal injury litigation and real estate transaction matters for clients throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our attorneys are dedicated to helping you protect your rights, keep your property and achieve your legal goals. Don’t go it aloneYou have legal tools at your disposal that an experienced lawyer can help you use.

Call or click today to schedule a free consultation, discuss your options and get some peace of mind.



Our lawyers have a combined 40 years of experience representing individuals and families in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs.
Our narrow focus on specific areas of the law allows us to keep apprised of new developments in the law and implement them seamlessly into our practice to give our clients cutting-edge representation in just these practice areas.
Whether you’re struggling to keep up with your mortgage payments or have already fallen behind, or have been injured by someone else’s negligence, our experienced attorneys can help you protect your rights.


"Life threw me a curve ball. I've always prided myself on being able to figure things out on my own. This time, it was really different, really serious. I didn't know where to turn. Being a very Godly and spiritual person, I prayed. And one day, while driving to work I turned on a radio station and I heard Mr. Lou Brydges speaking. He talked about helping people save their homes. I hurried to write his number down. I called their office and was given an appointment immediately. I brought in a big stack of papers and plopped them on his desk and he took it from there. His entire team worked tirelessly to help me through an almost impossible situation. And today I can go to bed and sleep soundly knowing that my home is saved. I cant thank them enough. They are so knowledgeable about this area of law and know how to protect peoples rights. They kept me informed every step of the way and answered my calls and emails same day. I feel not only extremely lucky but also very blessed to have had them in my corner." -

Christine B.

Since 2005 Mr.Brydges had handle several cases for me and my family so far we had not had a bad or negative result in any of them. I would highly recommend Mr Brydges as an honest, passionate, caring attorney that goes to war for his clients. I consider Mr. Brydges a personal friend, a person you can trust for your legal needs. Thank you Lou!

H.G.Kane County, IL

"My entire family was in fear for our residence and where we would live. It seemed the creditors were coming from every direction. We were scared of even thinking of the word lawyer because it seems so many of them are not truthful. We were thrilled when Lou had all the creditors back off and stop harassing us.

We were surprised when he explained the process and that we would get to live in our home fighting a case that was a righteous fight. We are able to stay in our home currently going on seven years. Lou fights for us. And he wins.

I highly recommend the services Lou Brydges & Associates provides."

C. L.McHenry County, IL

My anxiety level dropped after our meeting. I think options 2 and 3 that we discussed at my free consultation is the right way to go."

T.G.Cook County, IL

Working with Lou and team saved my children and I from added stress during an already stressful time in our lives. Lou and team always treated me with respect, empathy and honesty. I knew I was in good hands and I felt comfortable. I appreciate the honest approach Lou takes with his clients as well as his vast knowledge of this area of law. The team was always professional and responsive to my questions and concerns. This firm provides exceptional value and fairness with regard to fees. I highly recommend this firm. You won't be disappointed.

J.T.Lake County

Caught between a negative amortization mortgage and declining home value, my wife and I got nowhere attempting to negotiate with the loan servicing company. We were contacted by one of those out-of-state firms that promised results, but we couldn't feel comfortable with them. Lou Brydges and Adam Feuer were upfront about the process we'd go through and what it would take to get out of our severely upside-down mortgage.. They delivered. I'd recommend that anyone who finds themselves in a similar situation contact Brydges and Associates.

Bill A

"I can't say anything but this man and his staff saved me. Not only are they priced incredibly well Lou has a passion for what he does. I heard him on the radio talking about how banks just sell your loan to other banks with very little accurateness in the process. I found out that my Home loan was sold back and forth to several lending institutions. When I walked in he sized up my Mortgage and found out exactly where the Mortgage company messed up. (IN less than 30 minutes!) Friends; THIS MAN AND HIS STAFF IS AMAZING!!! I must also say that Roiann Howard in his office is out of this world! I have never ever encountered an assistant who cared so much about their clients that she would check in with me to see how my day is going. She sent me inspirational messages. I had an issue creating my profit and loss statements. She walk me through EVERY aspect. She followed up to check-in. She sent me emails telling me what I qualified for. She offered suggestions, wrote out a strong out-line, she would just call and offer her expertise regarding the outline and filing. She told me how important I was. She reminded me how spunky I was at our first meeting. She reminded me that I MADE A DIFFERENCE in people's lives. SHE as well as LOU saved me. Friends I have never ever provided my cell phone number on a review. If you're contemplating using an Attorney for re-financing or are stuck in foreclosure LOU BRYDGES will HELP YOU!"

David Gaffke