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Are you in danger of losing your home because of the government shutdown?

Our experienced attorneys want to help. If you qualify, we will represent you for free until the shutdown ends.

Government Shutdown

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The federal government is shut down and that means thousands of federal workers in Illinois are going without paychecks or being laid off.

If you are an Illinois federal government employee on furlough, working without pay or laid off, and now you’re facing eviction, foreclosure, creditor harassment, we want to help.

With the current gridlock in Washington, there could be no end in sight.

We will work for you for free until the government re-opens and you start getting paid again.

The attorneys at Lou Brydges & Associates have been helping people in Illinois deal with their creditors and avoid foreclosure since before the 2008 housing crisis began.

If you’re facing foreclosure or eviction or need help dealing with a big bank or mortgage servicing company to obtain a mortgage loan modification, call our office today at 847-680-6250, or click the link below for a free consultation.


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