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Fighting for Your Rights, Defending Your Home
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Act Now

If you are facing foreclosure, it is important to act now. Generally, foreclosure proceedings usually begin when the homeowner misses three to five payments.

Be Proactive

If you are struggling with mortgage debt, you don’t want to wait until foreclosure begins before taking action. Being proactive about foreclosure defense can be an important element in keeping your home and getting started on the road to debt relief.
Foreclosure Lawyer Chicago - Lou Brydges and Associates

FREE No-Obligation Consultation With A Licensed Attorney That Can Help You


“Life threw me a curve ball. I’ve always prided myself on being able to figure things out on my own. This time, it was really different, really serious. I didn’t know where to turn. Being a very Godly and spiritual person, I prayed. And one day, while driving to work I turned on a radio station and I heard Mr. Lou Brydges speaking. He talked about helping people save their homes. I hurried to write his number down. I called their office and was given an appointment immediately. I brought in a big stack of papers and plopped them on his desk and he took it from there. His entire team worked tirelessly to help me through an almost impossible situation. And today I can go to bed and sleep soundly knowing that my home is saved. I cant thank them enough. They are so knowledgeable about this area of law and know how to protect peoples rights. They kept me informed every step of the way and answered my calls and emails same day. I feel not only extremely lucky but also very blessed to have had them in my corner.”

– Christine B.